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Why I love Paris

Back home from my June trip after spending time in the South of France, in the French Riviera, in Portugal, and ending the trip in Paris I have to say that Paris was the highlight of the journey!


We spent one week in the French capital and for the first time instead of staying near the Seine River in the 5th, we decided to rent an apartment in the 6th, Rue Racine next door to the Odeon Theatre in the Jardin du Luxembourg area. Suddenly we feel that we were in Paris with the feeling to share the daily life of Parisians. The opposite to being in the more touristy part of Paris.

What I miss the most in France are the ingredients. The advantage to rent an apartment is the opportunity to cook these beautiful products. Black feet Bresse chicken, chanterelles, white asparagus, non-pasturized cheeses, saucissons, jambon de Paris, fresh fish from the Rungis market which gets fish every day flown direct from the boats in Normandy, Brittany, Provence etc. Turbot, John Dory, monkfish, Dover sole, bar, shellfish…you name it. ((add photo of La Grande Epiciere)). Most of the produce is organic from small farmers that they know every single tomato by name.

And wine from small producers too small to be exported, and with the best price/value in the world. Also you just make sure not to spoil these beautiful ingredients by overcooking and heavy sauces. Suddenly they make any cook look good.