Chef Mavro prepares popular Spicy Bigeye Ahi dish

Don’t miss this appetizer on your next visit! Shoyu powder on the rim is a flavorful accent. Two choices of sake pairings with the Spicy Bigeye Ahi. Photo taken June 26, 2013

Chef spicy ahi1

ahi – aleppo pepper
spicy bigeye ahi, ogo,
sea urchin-aleppo pepper aioli
basmati rice sushi style, shoyu powder
pairing: shirakabe gura, sho chiku bai, mio sparkling sake, nada japan
“refreshing and fruity; soft and smooth texture”
or sommelier selection
kubota manju, junmai daiginjo sake, niigata
“exquisitely smooth & silky with hints of cedar, wet stone & orange blossom”  

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