Coq au vin moderne at Chef Mavro restaurant

Coq au Vin moderne at Honolulu’s top restaurant Chef Mavro.

Foodies come from all over the world to Honolulu’s top restaurant, Chef Mavro. The contemporary Hawaii regional cuisine is an expression of the freshest ingredients available each season.  Nearly 80% of all ingredients are sourced from Oahu micro-farms that thrive in partnership with Chef Mavro restaurant.  

Many dishes are original creations while others are modernized versions of classics.

In Chef Mavro’s own words:

“We love to modernize very classic recipes using contemporary cooking techniques. Here’s one example at Chef Mavro restaurant. Coq au vin is one of the classics of traditional French cooking. Following the original recipe the chicken is marinated all night in Burgundy wine, sautéed with the bacon and onion and flambéed with cognac. Then simmered with the wine from the marinade.

For the presentation we deconstruct totally the dish for the plating. Instead of a stew where all ingredients are plated together, we separate chicken, mushrooms, bacon, pearl onion and cover the whole dish tableside with the Burgundy wine sauce.”

Chef Mavro restaurant is famous for food & wine pairings. In fact when this award-winning restaurant opened in 1998 with a menu dedicated to wine pairings, no one had heard about this idea! Since that first day, each dish on this Honolulu top restaurant features a carefully pairing glass of wine. Various wines are tasted with each dish before the best pairing becomes clear. Each wine is selected to enhance the flavors of the dish and also because the dish brings out the best of that wine. 

Continuing to use Coq au Vin as an example, the wine pairing is:

 domaine de couron, 2014 syrah, cotes du rhone

This wine is savory, herbaceous and is a wonderful complement to the red wine sauce. At Chef Mavro restaurant, guests often taste the wine before tasting the dish. Then when they taste the recipe with the wine, there is usually a moment of flavor revelation and “Wow!” 

Chef Mavro restaurant set up for food & wine tasting to select pairings.