How to make risotto by Chef Mavro (Demo)

How to make risotto according to Chef Mavro:
First the choice of the rice…after trying every single grain rice in Italy we decided to use the medium-grained Carnaroli.
The technique is always the same…In a cast iron casserole (Creuset) sauté rice & onion together before color – add wine – reduce the wine making sure that the rice Never attaches to the bottom of the casserole – add successively the broth or stock (vegetable, chicken, crustacean, or in our case essence of mushroom), let the rice absorb the stock…before adding more – finish with sautéed chanterelles, butter, extra virgin olive oil & the best parmesan you find on the market.
After cooking your risotto you must be able to count every grain of rice…the rice must be firm & tender inside…this is what I call “top gun” cooking.”

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