New lamb dish

Lamb might be our favorite meat to cook with.  First our Colorado lamb is for sure one of the best in the world.  Second, since Provence is a lamb country we know so many combinations of ingredients than we are able to provide you the best new lamb ever every time.  Like love, always better than yesterday but not as good than tomorrow.

This one is a killer! We use always the loin, by far my favorite cut.  The loin is roasted in low heat and served with a “pissaladiére.”  What the hell is a pissaladiére? If you insist I am going to tell you.  This is a specialty from Nice (Côte d’ Azur), a tart of caramelized fennel and onion, house-made lamb bacon, finished with anchovy and garlic chips. The lamb jus is perfumed with black olive powder and essence of parsley.

All the Mediterranean flavors on your plate at once and the wine is from Napa Valley?  Yes! The “not-too-big-not-oakey-not-big-tannins” cabernet sauvignon from Chateau Montelena.  When I first came to the States in 1985 I attended a wine tasting with Jordan and Chateau Montelena.  I am not kidding but at this time fresh from France I didn’t know that America was producing wines you can drink.  Wow! I was blown away, in 1985 the fine wine industry was very young in the country and that these two wineries were able to produce wines of this quality was a big surprise.  I told myself, in France we have been making wines since 2,000 years ago!  Welcome to America where nothing is impossible.

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