Pastry Chef Jose Calpito the flavor master

Pastry Chef Jose Calpito creates the famous desserts at Chef Mavro restaurant but so much more! Flavor combinations are a speciality and recently he’s added a touch of fresh herb to certain desserts.

Here is his Waialua chocolate bar, yuzu “guri guri,” chiboust & caramel, sesame crumbs, basil essence

choco edit 1 P1010614Everything from scratch of course. Also each day he makes fresh ice cream and sorbets  always experimenting with new flavor combinations.





His magic touches to the Chef Mavro dining experience include the complimentary sweets enjoyed by all guests at the end of dinner. These “mignardises” are changed frequently but could include tropical fruit pate, macarons, and chocolate truffles.

Mignardises plated









Chef Jose works quickly and precisely as he makes the restaurant’s signature French country bread.

Country bread close up

Country bread fresh baked











Also Chef Jose Calpito makes crisps, wafers, croutons and all other small baked details that are important accents for the savory dishes. Here is the irresistible honey candy that tops the popular Big Island goat dairy cheese mousse, one-minute strawberry jam.


Cheese 1-minute Strawberry



Chef Jose Calpito and Chef Mavro


Chef Jose Calpito with Chef Mavro at this year’s Hawaii Food & Wine Festival. Always sharing a little joke and their love of cooking!

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