Petersons’ Upland Farm Eggs with Truffles

Chef Mavro's Poached Truffled Egg "Osmose"

“Divine” is the most frequent exclamation at the first bite of Chef Mavro’s winning truffle recipe.   Fresh Island eggs from Petersons’ Upland Farm in Wahiawa absorb their first truffle flavor by “osmosis” as they spend some hours nestled on a bed of rice in a refrigerated glass jar with the precious truffles, flown in fresh from France of course. Then fresh truffles are added to the recipe during preparation.  Finally, if you choose, you can have fresh truffles sliced tableside over this extraordinary recipe.  If you’ve never tried fresh truffles, this recipe offers the perfect first taste.

Truffle poached egg  “osmose”

   petersons’ upland farm egg, served with a potato mousseline,  

   chervil. serrano ham ribbons 

Fresh Burgundy Truffles giving their heavenly flavors through "osmose" to the eggs

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