Risotto with wild harvested chanterelles – a Chef Mavro signature (Demo)

Why is Risotto at Honolulu restaurant Chef Mavro so delicious? Chef Mavro’s mother was from Northern Italy so he has risotto in this DNA. But there is much more…

CHANTERELLE RISOTTO carnaroli rice, parmigiano reggiano, fresh golden chanterelles

In Chef Mavro’s own words:
“First the choice of the rice…after trying every single grain rice in Italy we decided to use themedium-grained Carnaroli.

The technique of risotto making is always the same…In a cast iron casserole (Creuset) sauté rice & onion together before color – add wine – reduce the wine making sure that the rice Never attaches to the bottom of the casserole – add successively the broth or stock (vegetable, chicken, crustacean, and in our case essence of mushroom), let the rice absorb the stock…before adding more – finish with sautéed chanterelles, butter, extra virgin olive oil & the best parmesan you find on the market. After cooking your risotto you must be able to count every grain of rice…the rice must be firm & tender inside…See it is not that easy…”

The chanterelle season is short and not to be missed. Risotto with chanterelles is available on the Small Plates and on the Tasting Menu.  Reserve your table at Chef Mavro now.

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