Spring Menus at Chef Mavro

Forest veggies. Served with our free range chicken and on vegetarian menus.


Spring at Honolulu fine dining restaurant Chef Mavro brings fresh baby vegetables, ramps and dandelion greens, free range chicken, and unique ingredients including locally grown”celtuce” from Bear Claw Farm! Celtuce has many names including asparagus lettuce, qingsun, wosun etc. But you’ll say it’s simply delicious as it adds crunch to our new Keahole lobster dish. And spring is a good time to bring back one of our most popular ahi recipes.

Spicy Ahi is back!
spicy ahi  bigeye ahi, ogo, chives, uni aoli, aleppo pepper

and a new and flavorful Keahole lobster dish:
keahole lobster  roasted, garlic-cauliflower emulsion, celtuce

plus a new recipe for our very exclusive Elysian Fields lamb.
elysian fields lamb fava beans, pearl onion, preserved lemon, ramps, crispy dandelion, lamb jus

And yes Chef still prepares his Onaga baked in a  salt crust and serves it tableside for that Instagram perfect moment.