Truffled white chocolate truffle by Honolulu rising star Pastry Chef Lynette

Chef Mavro Pastry Chef Lynette talks about her new dessert on the Fall Menu that launches on Tuesday, Sept. 25:

Imagine…herbaceous white chocolate tarragon ganache draped like a ribbon over crispy and creamy Madre chocolate from the Big Island speckled with toasted black walnuts, smooth and spicy forelle pear coulis scented with Hawaiian vanilla, rich dulce de leche caramel, topped with truffled white chocolate coated in cocoa nibs, reminiscent of the intoxicating Burgundy truffles with which it’s spiked.

Pastry Chef Lynette of Chef Mavro restaurant talks about new Madre Chocolate dessert
Island Madre Chocolate crisped with black walnut, truffle white chocolate tarragon ganache,
pear coulis, molokai black salt
Wine Pairing: Klein Constantia, 2005 Vin de Constance, South Africa 


This is a romanticized description of my newest dessert creation for Chef Mavro Restaurant.  The inspiration comes from the earthy flavors of fall and my impatience as we anticipate the arrival of truffle season.  Chef Mavro let me have the first of the harvest to put in my chocolate-truffle dessert to get everyone geared up for the bounty that is soon to come.

My “truffled white chocolate truffle” is the whimsical part of this dish. It brings a smile to my face whenever I say it and I love how naturally I was able to imitate the look of the Burgundy truffles with this sweet bite.

I’ve been very excited about my recent collaboration with Madre Chocolate in Kailua.  Madre is a local chocolate producer and I am using their 70% dark chocolate which is made from cacao grown on the Big Island.  I am so happy to be able to use chocolate grown and made here in Hawaii. It gives the earthiness in my dish and a foundation based right here at home.

American black walnuts, tarragon, forelle pears, and caramel are all natural compliments to the Hawaiian chocolate and Burgundy truffle.  Tarragon and pears are a match made in heaven for me.  Forelle pears have a spicy quality; combine this with the anise flavor of the tarragon and you get a hint of classic fall spices.  Pair this with the dulce de leche caramel and it’s all my favorite flavors of fall.

I hope I’ve got your mouth watering! I look forward to hearing feedback from our guests about this creation.

Aloha! Lynette

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